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Introduction letters are written for numerous business and personal situations. The sample introduction letter below is a dual-purpose product introduction and sales letter. It introduces a new product to a prospective client and tries to make a sale at the same time. In this case, a sample of the product was included with the letter. A follow-up phone call or e-mail is often required a week or so after the original letter is sent.

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May 3, 20xx

Mr. Rob Cummings
President, Cummings Racing
89 Newton Drive, Suite 507
Toledo, OH 43612

Dear Mr. Cummings:

It was nice chatting with you briefly on the telephone earlier today. As I said, it was Dan Branscombe who does the marketing work for Tae-Box who suggested I call you. Dan and I are now involved in final discussions aimed at getting the Tae-Box logo placed on our new drug awareness product right beside D.A.R.T.'s. During my last chat with Dan, he suggested I give you a call because of your involvement in the health and fitness club business and your personal interest in Tae-Box.

Enclosed for your review is our new drug awareness poster entitled "The Self-Destructive Use of Drugs". This unique and internationally acclaimed educational product has taken the International Drug Awareness Research Institute (IDARI) more than two years to research, develop, test and perfect. IDARI is currently on a mission to distribute this powerful communications tool across North America.

The primary purpose of "The Self-Destructive Use of Drugs" is to inform and educate: kids, parents, teachers, coaches, legislators, clergy, military personnel, healthcare professionals, law enforcement officials, business and community leaders, and many others, about the factual and objective truth related to the use and abuse of all drugs, both legal and illegal. As you can see, it very graphically demonstrates the "mind-body-drug connection" involving all of the major drug groups.

Just imagine the impact that this poster will have once it is hung on the walls of every school, home, community center, health/fitness club, workshop, police station, clubhouse, lunch room, medical clinic, sports facility, hospital, doctor's office, dentist's office, barracks, library, etc., throughout North America? We believe that the wide-spread dissemination of "The Self-Destructive Use of Drugs" will significantly increase substance abuse awareness and prevention, especially among kids.

One feature of the poster that I thought would interest Cummings Racing is its promotional aspect. We have designed it so that an organization's name, logo and/or message can be custom-printed at the bottom of the poster. This is a very powerful way for an organization to send a compelling prevention message, while at the same time giving them a high level of recognition and visibility.

I can already visualize your slogan "Don't Let Anything Stand In The Way Of Your Dream" custom-printed on the bottom of this high-visibility and attention-grabbing wall hanging (Your slogan is perfect for inclusion on a drug awareness poster!). This would definitely be a powerful communications vehicle that you could distribute widely throughout your network of health and fitness clubs.

I trust you will still see the powerful marketing opportunity here. I therefore look forward to hearing from you soon about how you might use this product. I can be reached in Montreal at (xxx) 979-1796.


Barry R. Casgrain, M.B.A.
Vice-President, Marketing and Communications

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