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This sample introduction letter was written for a business situation in which the writer is recommending an employee who has been forced to relocate for personal family reasons. It is being sent to a business counterpart in the same industry, in the city to which the employee is moving. In this case, the letter is formalizing what has already been discussed in an initial phone call between the writer and the addressee.

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August 12, 20xx

Ms. Judith Baxter
Senior Buyer
Avon Books & Things
125 Fifth Ave., Suite 1540
New York, NY 10010

Dear Judith:

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce APN Sales Representative, Peter Lenester, whom I spoke to you about recently.

As I mentioned on the phone, Peter spent the last eight years with APN Publishing House as both a Book Buyer and then a Regional Sales Rep. He was very successful in both of these jobs and managed to learn a great deal about the book publishing business along the way.

As I also mentioned when we spoke, Peter is moving back to New York for family reasons. One of his children suffers from a rare blood disorder. The Columbia University Medical Center is the leading research institute looking into that disease and they have agreed to accept Peter's son as a special study patient.

We will be very sorry to see Peter leave the company. He has proven to be a valuable asset in dealing with our existing clients, and in recruiting new ones. The fact that he has a degree in English Literature from New York University, coupled with him being a self-published author, gives him a great deal of credibility when dealing with these people.

If you could spare an hour or so to meet with Peter I have no doubt that the two of you would very quickly find a lot of common ground. He's the kind of person who, once you get to know him, you want to make room for him.

Judith, I thank you in advance for taking the time to meet with Peter and I look forward to visiting with you at next month's homecoming gathering at our alma mater.


Amy Winston

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