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Introduction letters are written for numerous business and personal situations. This sample introduction letter was written for a typical business-to-business situation in which one company is introducing its new representative to a former client in the hope that that the ex-client might consider returning to the fold. A letter like this is usually followed up with a personal phone call or e-mail proposing a face-to-face meeting.

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May 5, 20xx

Mr. Donald Medland
650 East Huronia Ave.
Apartment 1505
Chicago, IL 60611

Dear Mr. Medland:

We're Back At the Front of the Pack and We Want You Back!

My name is Ron Armstrong and I am the newly appointed Manager of Marketing and Customer Relations here at Software Solutions Inc. My very first priority in my new position is to contact a few key former SSI customers such as you, to see if we can persuade you to take a fresh look at what we have to offer since our company was restructured.

It's no secret that Software Solutions went through a very difficult period for a couple of years. Unfortunately, some of the internal pressures in the company at that time resulted in a rapid decline in customer service and new product development. As I understand it, that situation had a lot to do with you choosing to take your business elsewhere 18 months ago.

Well I'm happy to tell you that all of that is behind us now and we're back on track at SSI!

As it turns out, this period of difficulty has resulted in an opportunity for us which not many companies ever have. By necessity, we were forced to review our entire operation and product line from the ground up, and the results have been amazing! We've now learned how to develop products "outside of the box".

In addition, as you might have read in the business press, SSI has a new owner with very deep pockets. This has allowed us to invest more resources in new product development than ever before. I'm sure you'll be impressed with the results.

We have also adopted a "best in class" management philosophy which means that we now constantly benchmark the competition and make it our specific goal to keep one step ahead of what the others are doing. That's what our latest release of eCommerce solutions software is all about. We've one-upped the competition once again, just like we used to do during our first few years of existence.

Yes, we're definitely back on track.

I will be contacting you personally next week to tell you more about our exciting new generation of products, and to tell you everything that we are willing to do to get your business back.

I look forward to talking with you.

Yours sincerely,

Ron Armstrong
Manager, Marketing and Customer Relations

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