Writing for Income

Did you know that the average person can make an excellent second income writing articles about some of their favorite subjects?

As I explained in my article "Writing for Success", virtually anyone can write reasonably well if they put their mind to it and just copy a few "tricks of the trade" from others.

It's a well-known fact that the ability to write is directly tied into the degree of a person's success in just about any kind of career endeavor. And, for the aspiring entrepreneur, the ability to write effectively can mean the difference between success and failure.

Next time you go out, take a look at the hundreds of magazines on the racks at your local magazine store. Literally, there are hundreds of them, covering just about every conceivable subject. From knitting, to auto mechanics, to baseball, to flower arranging.

And those are just the ones carried at your local store. There are hundreds more that your local store just doesn't have room to stock on its shelves. Not only that, but most of these magazines are published monthly!

Can you imagine how much written material the publishers of these magazines need on a regular basis to keep their pages filled with articles? Do you have any idea how happy they are to find sources that can supply new and fresh original informative content? Very happy.

Well, guess what? You too can help them keep those pages filled and have fun while doing it. Not only that, they'll pay you real money for doing it!

All you have to do is research and write short articles, and then sell them to these magazines. I'm talking here about researching and writing articles on subjects that you personally are interested in. Ideally, subjects that you know and love.

For example, you could write about such things as: your hobby(ies), your favorite TV show(s), the sport(s) and the sports figures you follow, your favorite film stars, your pet, your exercise program, your summer vacation, and on and on.

Believe me, there are hundreds of magazines out there that will be happy to pay you good money for writing short, informative articles about the things that you love.

And remember, they aren't expecting you to write like Hemingway or a J.D. Salinger. All these special interest magazines really want, are articles of interest to their readership, written clearly and logically, using reasonable sentence structure and grammar. (Don't forget, these magazines all have editors whose job it is to tidy these things up).

The primary thing the magazine wants from you is, original and interesting content for their readers. That is what you can deliver if you are writing about something that you know, follow, and enjoy.

Here is a simple fast-track strategy to get you started writing for income:

  1. Make a list. Itemize on paper your personal special interests, ranging from hobbies, to sports, to writers, to movie stars, to computer software, etc., etc. Every subject that you can think of that interests you, even if only slightly. It can even be work-related if you like. Say you're an insurance agent. What about a short article (750 to 1,000 words) on the basics of life insurance? If gardening is one of your things, you could write about how you decide which flowers to grow each spring.

  2. Do some research. Spend some time in your local magazine stores and check out which magazines they carry that correspond to your interests. Choose two or three that interest you the most, to start with. Take these magazines home and study them. Note the general writing style and the average length of articles in each magazine. What special feature columns do they have? Think about where your material would fit best. Is there a unique angle that you could cover? (The Internet is an excellent research resource for this).

  3. Write your article. Choose subjects that you know best for your first few articles. This will minimize the outside research that you will have to do. Draft an article that copies the style and approach of the particular magazine(s) that you are targeting. (Insider's Secret: Write in language as if you are explaining your subject out loud to a friend). Revise the article until it is the preferred length for that magazine, and until it reads as if it was written by one of the authors already published there.

  4. Send it out. Use a short cover letter that explains your background and interest in the subject, and ask them if they would be interested in publishing the attached article. Send a copy to all of to the magazine(s) that you are targeting, You will be surprised at how many positive responses you can get for an article that is original and informative and that appeals to the readers of your targeted magazines.

By the way, writing articles is just one example of how you can make a decent income writing. A much more lucrative way to make money writing is by creating your own "how-to" book or info product.

In fact, over the years I have found a way to make my entire living online by virtue of my writing skills. To find out exactly how I do it – and how you can too -- check out my website at the following link:
"The Self-Bailout Strategy: How To Recession-Proof Yourself With Multiple Online Income Streams"

The main point above is this. Virtually anybody can write for income about something they know and love. Even if you don't know and love it yet, but a subject interests you, you can still research it and write about it. During the process, you will become somewhat of an expert on the subject, and you may even grow to love it too.

Yes, you too can write for income. Just make the decision and do it! It really is that simple.

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