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Proposal Writing Templates: Download professional business and grant proposals - here.

The term "business proposal" is one that has a number of different meanings and connotations, depending on who is using the term. In reality, these documents can differ significantly in length, anywhere from a few pages to a few hundred pages.

A simple business proposal could be a five page document proposing a fundraising event for a charitable organization. A major proposal could be a multi-volume document for the multi-million dollar development of a new airport terminal building.

Because of this wide range in type of application, intended audience, and scope, there is not one simple formula for writing a business proposal.

Nevertheless, the one thing that all business proposals have in common is that their primary purpose is to propose the solution to a known problem and to convince the intended proposal recipient that the writer (or proposal submitter) has the best and most cost-effective solution to that problem.

It so happens that many people arrive at my writing help websites looking for info on how to write business proposals of one form or another. To address this need, I have put together a number of resource pages that will give you a better idea as to what proposals and proposal writing are all about - especially business proposals.

Business Proposal Writing Resources
Among other things, those resource pages cover such subjects as: proposal types, proposal writing tips, and samples of different business proposals.
Proposal Writing Resources

Some people are not interested in writing their own proposals from scratch and would rather work from an already proven template.

Business Proposal Tools and Templates
Based on my research into what's available online in terms of proposal writing tools and templates, there is one package that I believe stands head and shoulders above anything else when it comes to quality and quantity; that's the proposal packs offered by Proposal
Proposal Writing Kits

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