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715 Brentwood Ave.
Sloan, NY 14212

March 12, 20xx

Consulate General of Canada
Immigration Regional Program Centre
1 HSBC Center
Buffalo, New York
14203-2884, USA

Dear Sir or Madam:

Re: Tsieh (Jason) Wang, File No. xxx-xxxxxxxx

Please find enclosed my application for immigration to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. During your review of this application I would ask you to please keep the following two points foremost in mind:
  1. To the best of my knowledge, I meet or exceed all current selection standards for this program.

  2. All documentation that your office requires to commence processing this application is included, or otherwise accounted for (see Document Checklist, page 2).
Re: Selection Standards
At the time of submission, I am a 34 year old married male, and I have a 10 year old daughter. I am well educated, with more than 18 years of full-time education. I currently hold one Bachelor’s degree and two Master’s degrees. My wife has more than 12 years of full-time education and holds a university undergraduate degree. In the past ten years, I have more than four years of full-time working experience in occupations described under Skill Levels A and B of the National Occupational Classifications 2131 and 4122. My reading, writing, speaking and listening abilities in English are excellent, as I have been using English on a daily basis, in every aspect of my life for the past six years.

Re: Documentation
One of the enclosures with this letter is a copy of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s document checklist, as per the guidebook Visa Office Specific Instructions – (Hong Kong). The documents are arranged in the same order as listed on the checklist. Document-specific file notes are highlighted in yellow.

According to Appendix B, further instructions on how to obtain a police certificate indicating that I do not have a police record, will be sent to me along with the assessment letter and medical forms from the Regional Program Centre (Buffalo). Accordingly, a police certificate is not included in this package. As you may be aware, as an H1b worker, had I committed any crime I would have been deported from the USA. As soon as I receive the assessment letter and instructions from the Buffalo Program Centre, I will request that they provide me with the most up-to-date police certificate available, which I will then forward to your office immediately.

I look forward to your expedient processing of my application. Should any questions arise about anything, please do not hesitate to contact me at the co-ordinates listed in the application.


Tshieh (Jason) Wang


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