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Follow-up letters are most often used in business situations to continue contact with a potential client or buyer after some sort of initial contact was made. The sample letter below is a typical sales follow-up letter that was actually used in a real-life situation.

(print sales Follow-Up Letter on business letterhead paper)

March 15, 20xx

Ms. Wendy Todd
891 Fourth Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Dear Ms. Todd:

This is just a quick follow-up note to thank you for dropping in at Downtown Toyota and entering our "Miles of Smiles" contest. Your entry has been processed and is entered in the draw which will take place on April 10, 20xx.

I enjoyed our brief chat about the various models of Toyota cars that might be of interest to you. Your observation about the low interest rates we are offering on our lease financing was absolutely correct. As you said, it is the period of economic prosperity the economy is now experiencing that allows us to offer such low rates.

As I mentioned, when the time comes for you to trade in your current vehicle, I would be very pleased to brief you on the entire line of Toyota passenger vehicles so that you will be able to make an informed decision about which vehicle best suits your needs. Any time you would like to discuss your personal transportation needs, please give me a call at 234-7865.

In the meantime, I would ask you to please accept the enclosed key chain as a small token of your visit to Downtown Toyota and your entry into the "Miles for Smiles" draw.

At your service,

David Chen
Senior Sales Associate

Enclosure (1)

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