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Training Period Extension

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December 15, 20xx

Mr. Randall Swift
Director, International Law Programs
International Law Foundation
2550 Washington Ave., Suite 1055
Washington, D.C. 20105

Dear Mr. Swift:

Subject: Training Period Extension – Jason Radner

The purpose of this letter is to request a six month extension of Jason Radner’s training period. I am an attorney and partner at Thompson & Peet LLP., and I am writing this as Mr. Radner’s supervisor during his assignment to our firm as an international trainee.

Jason’s current training period is scheduled to end on January 15th, 20xx. As you know, this training program was designed especially to help him engage in the full time practice of general corporate law. His performance so far in his training program has been excellent, and he has made rapid progress through all of his assigned tasks.

To develop into a successful corporate lawyer, Jason must not only master the field of general corporate law; he also needs to master different specialized areas of related law, particularly in the fields of Banking Law, Finance Law, and Bankruptcy Law. Because of his success to-date in general corporate law, our firm would be pleased to provide Jason with the entire skill-set necessary to become a complete corporate law specialist. We believe that he requires this extended training if he is to become a well-rounded corporate lawyer ready to navigate his way upward in his career, fully prepared to meet the challenges that lie ahead of him.

In addition, during his extended stay at our firm, I would have the opportunity to train Jason on how to identify the industry and/or specific types of business transactions that interest him the most, and then expose him to work on as many of those types of transactions as possible. The more he works in the context of a particular industry or transaction type, the better position he will be in to understand the relevant business objectives and issues.

In closing, I urge you to agree to a six-month extension of Jason Radner's training period so that I can complete the training already begun that will give him the full set of skills and knowledge he will need to become a successful corporate lawyer. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss this further.


Jessica Franklin

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