Drop Shipment Order Form Sample

A drop shipment order form is used by businesses that fulfill orders and ship them directly to end-customers on behalf of another party.

A typical situation that would require a drop shipment order form would be where a company agrees to purchase xxx copies of a promotional gift calendar, on the condition that the calendar manufacturer would customize each calendar in the name of the individual recipient and then ship the customized calendar directly to that individual.

Drop shipment order forms make sense in situations when manufacturers need to customize a product in the name of the intended recipient, before shipping it out. It saves the step (i.e. time and expense) of shipping the item back to the sponsoring company which would just have to forward the package on to the intended recipient.

The sample Drop Shipment Order Form below was set up in MS-Word and contains all of the key information elements that should be included in a standard drop shipment agreement. Although this example involves promotional posters, drop shipment arrangements can be set up for virtually any type of physical product.

Drop Shipment Order Form – Sample Format

Drop Shipment Order Form

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