Donation Letter Samples

Donation Letter - Definition

The primary purpose of a donation letter, or letter of donation, is to request that the addressee donate money to a specific cause. Donation letters are also known as fundraising letters.

Although direct financial support in the form of cash is usually the object of a donation letter, they may also request other types of "in kind" support such as donations of labor and materials.

Donation letters can be generated by many different types of organizations such as: charities, schools, NGOs (i.e. non-governmental organizations), community groups, volunteer organizations, and others. They usually target either individuals or businesses.

Sample Donation Letters

The following sample donation letter templates are real-life examples of three typical situations where letters are used to ask directly for donations:

Donation Letter - community security fundraising project.

Letter of Donation - hospital equipment fundraising campaign.

Donation Request Letter - in support of school volunteer program.

In addition to the above examples, there are many other situations that can call for some form of donation letter.

Real-Life Donation Letter Templates

The thing that makes the above three donation letter examples different from what you will typically find online is that they are "real-life templates". In other words, they are complete, fully-formatted letters, written by professionals for actual real-life situations.

These are NOT your typical fill-in-the-blanks templates. They are complete letters that one can quickly learn from and adapt to fit one's own situation.

When you need to write a donation letter or fundraising letter, it is always helpful to have some real-life samples that show you exactly how a professional writes a letter for a similar real-world situation.

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