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Donation letters can be written for many different situations. Most often, they are used by community groups or public organizations to solicit donations of money or resources to support some sort of worthy cause. In the real-life sample donation letter below, a high school is requesting donations from parents and businesses to support one of its community action programs.

(print Donation Request Letter on institution letterhead paper)

March 18, 20xx

Contact Name
Company Name
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Dear [Name of Contact]:

According to the experts, involving students in community volunteer activities is one of the most effective ways to engage them in something meaningful during their after school time. Our experience has shown this to be true; and that is why at Valleycrest H.S. we put a great deal of emphasis on our Students In Action (SIA) program which actively promotes student involvement in numerous volunteer activities throughout our community.

This letter is requesting your financial support for a very important annual SIA event.

Each year we hold a Volunteer Appreciation Night where we recognize and honor the many student volunteers who have served in our community during the past year. Those students have worked as volunteers in many different capacities from, serving meals to the homeless, to entertaining senior citizens in old-age care facilities, to running household errands for housebound seniors and citizens recovering from surgery. Theses are just a few examples of the many ways in which our SIA students have served our community over the past year.

Volunteer Appreciation Night is the one time during the year when we briefly put the spotlight on those doing the giving; as an expression of gratitude for their selflessness throughout the year.

Accordingly, we are requesting the financial assistance of [Company Name] to help cover the costs directly related to holding that event. Your contribution would be used to offset such costs as: room rental, DJ fees, food and drink, prizes, etc. An amount in the area of $xxx would be an appropriate contribution by your company. Any surplus funds remaining after all bills are paid will be donated to the [Name of Community] United Way fund.

Your support for this important annual event would be greatly appreciated by everyone involved.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact [Contact Name] at 999-9999. Email inquiries can be sent to

Sincere regards,

Marilyn Crandle
SIA Volunteer Co-ordinator

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