Delivery Slip Sample

A delivery slip, or delivery confirmation slip, is used when it is important to obtain the signature of the recipient as proof that the goods were received in good order and to confirm any conditions that may relate to the receipt of the goods.

Delivery confirmation slips are most often used to get a signature from the recipient as proof that they did indeed receive the goods delivered.

However, delivery confirmation slips are also used in situations where goods are provided to a seller “on consignment”. In other words, situations in which the manufacturer or publisher of the product provides X items of the product to the seller at no initial cost. The seller will try to market the items on the producer’s behalf. In these cases, no money changes hands until a later date when the seller will reimburse the producer for any items sold out of the consignment inventory.

Delivery confirmation slips are very important for the manufacturer or producer because they become the only proof of which items, and how many, were provided to the seller.

The sample delivery slip below was set up in MS-Word and contains all of the key information elements that should be included on a standard business delivery confirmation slip. This example involves “books on consignment”, but delivery confirmation slips can be used for many different situations.

Delivery Confirmation Slip – Sample Format

Delivery Confirmation Slip - Sample Template

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