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Although the most common type of "cover letter" is the resume cover letter, there are various other cover letters as well. For example, the sample business cover letter below is one that is written to transmit the answer to a request for a company annual report.

(print Cover Letter for a report on business letterhead paper)

October 31, 20xx

Ms. Karen Lambton
Chief Financial Officer
Dynamic Solutions Inc.
2005 40th St.
North Bergen, NJ 07045

Dear Ms. Lambton:

Further to your telephone inquiry yesterday, enclosed is a copy of Merrick’s Annual Report for the 2009-2010 operating year.

As I mentioned, the financial results in terms of earnings per share need to be qualified as per the notes included on pages 28 and 29. As explained there, we had a number of extraordinary transactions last year which caused the earnings picture to appear understated in comparison with what we expect for this year. In fact, it is our firm expectation that this year’s per share earnings figures will be twice that of last year.

With respect to the numerous questions you had regarding our publishing operations, would you please have a look at the summary of operations on pages 31 to 33. There is plenty of specific detail there that will likely answer most of your questions. If you still have questions after reviewing that information, please feel free to give me a call at 250-235-9867. If I can’t answer your questions I will put you in touch with those who will be able to.

Thanks very much for your interest in Merrick Industries. If I don’t hear from you in the meantime, I look forward to getting your feedback at the November CFO Society meeting.

Yours sincerely,

Herman Reddfield
Chief Financial Officer

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