How To Write
A Vision Statement

Similar to the situation with Corporate Mission Statement, there is also a lot of confusion, even among large companies, as to exactly what a Corporate Vision is, and how it should be stated.

Corporate Vision - Defined

The corporate vision of an organization is the desired "future state" of the organization and/or the environment it affects, stated at the highest corporate level.

A vision statement is a projected "view of the future" as the organization would eventually like to see itself.

An organization should have a single corporate vision statement.

Contrary to what some so-called experts have claimed, a corporate vision is NOT a goal. Goals are specific, quantifiable outcomes that an organization targets in attempting to achieve the objectives and thus pursue the mission of an organization. For more on goals, objectives and mission, click here

A vision statement is a broad declaration of overall intent to eventually achieve a widely acknowledged state of existence - an aspiration for the future. As such, once formulated a corporate vision statement will normally remain unchanged for years.

Typical vision statements would read like this:

"Our corporate vision is for our brand to be the number one clothing brand in the mens sportswear manufacturing business, worldwide."

"The corporate vision of XYZ Corporation is to be the acknowledged world leader in the design and manufacturing of large jet engines for aircraft."

"The ultimate vision of this organization is to be recognized as one of the major influencers of improved highway safety in the State".

Here is the published corporate vision statement for a manufacturing company:

"Our vision is to be universally recognized as the market leader in the management of and execution of all our activities."

Here is the corporate vision posted online by a major software development company:

"Our overall aspiration is to become the most admired business software and services provider in the world."

Writing Tip:
When drafting a corporate vision statement always think in terms of a single statement that sums up the long-term aspiration of the organization. It's vision of the future for itself.

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