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Corporate Standards

Corporate Standards - Defined
Standards are instructions, specifications or measurements that serve as specific benchmarks for expected normal practices in an organization.

In general, a standard is a reference point, model, or rule for implementing practices or procedures and for evaluating results.

For example, a manufacturing company would normally have many standards that they set based on experience, against which they measure success or failure. Error rates or reject rates, for example. A company's maximum acceptable error/reject rate for a particular process could be 3%. If they started to consistently exceed that rate, serious intervention will be required to find out why and then to remedy the situation.

Call centres set standards for their callers. For example the company standard against which all callers are measured could be a minimum success or conversion rate of at least 50%. Remedial intervention will be required for all callers that do not meet that standard on a consistent basis.

A standard normally defines a minimum threshold that delineates what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

Standards are benchmarks against which actual operations can be measured over time. Thus, standards are normally one of the key inputs in performance evaluation exercises. For example, over the past year how did various components of production costs fare when compared with company standards?

Writing Tip:
Standards are normally adjusted over time based on experience and as technical innovations take place. They usually involve specific numbers presented in table format and therefore there is normally not much writing required.

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