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Corporate Procedures

Corporate Procedures - Defined
Corporate procedures are precise, pre-determined step-by-step methods for conducting routine tasks in an organization in an efficient manner.

Procedures are what operational and administrative staff use to accomplish their day-to-day work. Procedures are normally documented in detailed Procedures Manuals.

For example, most organizations would have an Administrative Procedures Manual that would detail everything about internal administrative practices; from how to fill out "request for vacation forms" to which font style and size to use in corporate letters written to customers.

On the other hand, Operational Manuals detail how operational staff are required to carry out their detailed tasks. In most organizations this would involve multiple manuals, or sets of manuals.

For example, a manufacturing company would likely have detailed procedures manuals for each product that they produce. They might even have a separate procedures manual for the operation of each piece of equipment.

Writing Tip:
Procedures manuals should be drafted by staff members who are working in a day-to-day hands-on fashion with the procedures being documented. Most large organizations actually develop a "standard" for the drafting of procedures to ensure that they use a uniform consistent approach to document all procedures.

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