How To Write
Corporate Policies

Corporate Policies - Defined
Corporate policies are the official guidelines that govern all decision-making in an organization

Policies outline the intentions and actions of an organization and provide a framework within which the desired outputs of the organization and its components can be achieved. Policies are intended to influence behavior by setting clear standards for desired behavior in the organization.

In most organizations there are various levels of policy.

Overall corporate policies are those set by senior management at the highest corporate level of an organization.

In the private sector corporate level policies are generally developed independently of others but are written to respect all laws and regulations applicable to the company's business.

In the public sector corporate policies are normally developed to be compatible with overall government policy and to comply with the applicable legislative or statutory policies of the government.

Policies can also exist at lower levels within an organization. These are often known as administrative and/or operational policies. These are always subservient to overall corporate policy and should never violate the overall policy framework at the overall corporate level.

How To Write Corporate Policies
Corporate policies can be simple one sentence pronouncements or they can be actual multi-page policy documents, depending on the subject, circumstances, and context.

For example, an overall corporate policy could be stated as:

"It is the policy of this organization that all account managers shall be Certified Financial Planners, as designated by the Professional Association of Financial Planners of New York State."

On the other hand, a financial investment organization might need a more lengthy policy statement to define and classify the types and classifications of financial instruments that professional staff members are authorized to deal with, and which ones are not acceptable.

Writing Tip:

Policy statements must be as clear and concise as possible and drafters should strive to eliminate any possible confusion.

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