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Corporate Objectives

Corporate Objectives

Corporate objectives are statements of intent that provide the basic direction for the activities of an organization in pursuit of its mission.

In many organizations there is overlapping and confusion between the terms objectives and goals. This is easy to avoid if you think of objectives as statements of intent and goals as quantifiable targets. For more about goals and objectives, click here

Generally speaking, an objective is a broad statement of an intention to do and/or achieve something.

Following are some typical corporate objective statements:

"To design and manufacture our products in the most cost-efficient manner for timely distribution to our national network of suppliers."

"To undertake a new and rigorous research and development program aimed at developing a new line of products geared toward the sports market."

"To provide the highest level of service possible to our patients, physicians, and the that communities we serve."

"To foster a challenging, rewarding and satisfying work environment for our employees."

Here are the published corporate objectives of a major manufacturing company in the UK:

"To supply our customers with the highest quality products and provide outstanding levels of sales and delivery service, incapable of being matched by our competitors, and thereby increasing our market share."

"To undertake this challenging task with the objective of delivering superior rates of return to our shareholders and providing opportunities and reward for our employees."

Writing Tips:

1.  When formulating corporate objectives statements always think in terms of "What are the key things that we need to do to achieve our mission on an ongoing basis?

2.  Since corporate objectives are statements of "intent" most of them can begin with "to" in the sense of "It is our intent to….".

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