How To Write
Corporate Guidelines

Corporate Guidelines - Defined
Corporate guidelines are statements that instruct and guide staff members on how to accomplish or implement something in an organization.

Guidelines generally define or delineate the scope or limits of a policy statement in an organization.

For example, say an organization has a policy such as:

"It is the policy of ABC Corporation that all management staff will use the Official Lexicon of Management Terminology as detailed in the document titled "Guidelines For the Use of Management Terminology In ABC Corporation".

Accordingly, the guidelines document named in the policy statement above as "Guidelines For the Use of Management Terminology In ABC Corporation", would provide detailed guidance on such issues as: specific definitions of the various terms, when and when not to use each term, how to formulate each type of statement, how terms relate to one another, etc.

Writing Tip:
As much as possible, corporate guidelines should be written in clear and precise language so that they are easily understandable and not easily open to interpretation.

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