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Corporate Goals

Corporate Goals - Defined
Corporate Goals are targets set by an organization as specific, quantifiable outcomes that it commits to attain in order to achieve its corporate mission and objectives.

Essentially, when an organization sets its specific goals it is saying; "We need to achieve these specific targets in order to successfully achieve the mission and objectives of this organization". In fact, goals are the translation of the mission and objectives of the organization into specific quantifiable terms against which results can be measured.

Some examples of typical corporate goals follow:

"To produce and distribute to dealers at least 10,000 vehicles by year-end".

"To organize and host an international conference on the subject of the role of human factors in aviation occurrences".

"To develop and implement a new methodology for carbon emission trading in the international aviation industry".

"To draft a proposed new international standard for the estimation of risk and to present that proposal to the Annual Conference of Statisticians in Paris, France in November".

"To manage our financial portfolios so that they earn a minimum of 7% annual return for our investor clients."

The above statements are true goal statements in the sense that they can be quantified in advance and their achievement (or non-achievement) can be specifically measured at the end of the period in question.

The targets set for each goal are what management believes is the minimum achievement necessary to accomplish the mission and objectives of the organization for the period under consideration (typically one year).

Writing Tips:
Goal statements should be short and succinct and must define a target that can be specifically measured at the end of the period.

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