How To Write
Corporate Directives

Corporate Directives - Defined

Corporate directives are specific communications (written or oral) which initiate or govern actions, conduct or procedures in an organization.

Essentially, a corporate directive is a statement which indicates the mandatory features of a policy.

A typical directive would read like this:

"When in our offices, all staff members are required to wear their security badges around their necks, in a fully visible fashion, at all times. This applies at all times; both regular working hours and after hours".

It is likely that the above directive would fall under the organization's Office Security Policy.

Another example:

"When local transportation is required for business purposes, all staff members are expected to use the services of ABC Taxi Service or Redline Taxis. To be reimbursed, you must obtain a standard receipt from the driver at the end of your journey."

This directive would likely come under an organization's General Administrative Policies.

Writing Tip:
A directive should be absolutely clear, leaving no doubt whatsoever about what is required in all circumstances. Generally speaking, when a directive is issued it should allow for no exceptions. In the rare cases where exceptions may be required, they should be clearly spelled out in the directive statement.

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