Contract Letters and Documents

Contract Letters
Contract Templates: Instant download of pro contract letters and support documents - here.

A contract letter is a broad term that applies to any letter that deals with any aspect of the administration of any type of contract.

In fact there are numerous types of contract-related documents that are generally referred to as “contract letters”, many of which are not actually letters at all. Following is a representative list of typical types of contract documents and letters:
  • Pre-contract documents
  • Web Development contract documents
  • CD-Rom and DVD Development contract documents
  • Specialty Project/Service contract documents
  • Advertising and Marketing contract documents
  • Graphics and Printing contract documents
  • Computer Systems Development contracting documents
  • Website Hosting contract documents
  • Photography Service/Product contract documents
  • General Service/Product contract documents
  • Contract Exhibits and Schedule documents
  • Contract Modification documents
  • Contract Acceptance documents
  • Software Development/Acquisition contract documents
  • Intellectual Property contract documents
  • Ownership Transfer contract documents
  • Contract related policy documents
  • Contractor and Employee contract documents
  • Re-seller contract documents
  • Contract Problem Notification documents
  • Business contract documents
  • Debt and credit contract documents
  • Human Resource letters, forms and policies
  • Miscellaneous contract-related documents and templates
The above list is fairly extensive, but no doubt there are additional documents referred to as “contract letters” that didn’t make this list.

To give you an idea of what some real-life contract letters look like, I have posted a few sample contract letters that I took from actual contract situations that I have been personally involved with:
Contract Letter Samples

I have done a lot of research into what contract letter resources are available online and the most impressive collection of downloadable contract documents that I have found (by far) are the Contract Packs put out by the Proposal Kit people:
Contract Template Packs

Contract Letters
Contract Templates: Instant download of pro contract letters and support documents - here.

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