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Contract Letters
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Contract letters are written to deal with a variety of situations related to the management and performance of many different types of contracts. In most cases, contract letters are concerned with either the finances, or the delivery dates of a contract. The sample contract letter below is typical; a contractor requesting expedited payment of a progress invoice in order to alleviate cash flow problems.

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June 12, 20xx

Mr. Randall McNeill
Director, Contract Administration
Illinois Project Consortium
25535 North Riverwoods Boulevard
90 North West, Mettawa
Illinois 60045

Dear Mr. McNeill:

Re: Request To Expedite Payment - Contract PLC-09-17542

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have been unable to complete the final delivery phase of the exterior wharf retaining wall under the above-noted contract. All work has been completed except for the installation of the tie-down anchors which have not yet been received from the manufacturer. These are expected to arrive within four weeks and we plan to install them as soon as we receive them.

In the meantime, we are experiencing a serious cash flow problem which is affecting our ability to complete a number of our other contracts; including the access road extension project (PLC- 10-21743). As you know, any delay in completion of the access road will have a negative impact on a number of other Phase 2 contracts.

We therefore request that you immediately release payment for the above-noted wharf retaining wall contract, subject to a 10% holdback to be payable on completion of the tie-down anchors. That arrangement will protect you while at the same time relieving the problems caused by our current cash flow difficulties.

Accordingly, please find attached an invoice for the final progress payment of $67,575 for contract PLC-09-17542.

If you have any questions at all please contact me immediately at 312-752-3479.

On behalf of our entire company I thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.


Charles Strathem
Construction Contracts Manager


Contract Letters
Contract Letter Templates: Download professional contract letters and support documents - here.

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