Contest Entry Form Sample

Contest entry forms are often used by businesses to promote new products and/or services, and by non-profit organizations to raise funds and awareness for their cause.

A contest entry form needs to attract attention and then offer sufficient benefit to motivate the recipient to make the time/effort to fill it out and enter the contest. The main rules of contest should be easy to understand and the contest entry form should be simple to fill out. These points apply whether the contest is offered online, or offline, or both.

Make sure that your contest entry form asks the entrant to provide more than one way to contact them in case the first one doesn’t work for some reason; and don’t forget to specify the closing date

The contest entry form below was set up in MS-Word and was created for a real-life contest organized by a non-profit organization. It contains all of the key elements that would normally be included when designing a contest entry form for most situations.

Contest Entry Form – Sample
Contest Entry Form – Sample Format

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