Contact Follow-Up Form Sample

Contact follow-up forms are used to record key information about individuals contacted based on the initial encounter with the individual; the info recorded on the contacts form will facilitate future follow-up contacts.

The main idea behind using a contacts follow-up form -- starting from the initial contact with a customer or prospect -- is to use it as the basic tool to begin “relationship building” with that individual.

Contact follow-up forms are useful information gathering and follow-up tools for any type of business or organization that is interested in maintaining a continuing relationship with a customer or prospect. Essentially, they can act as the initial data gathering tool for building a “contacts database”.

The contact follow-up form sample below was set up in MS-Word and was created for a real-life situation. It contains all of the key elements that are normally included when developing a contacts follow-up form for an organization.

Contact Follow-Up Form – Sample
Contact Follow-Up Form – Sample Format

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