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Condolence letters, or letters of condolence, are also known as sympathy letters. Sending such letters is appropriate in various personal and business situations in which some sort of loss or tragedy has occurred, such as a death. They should always be sincere and heartfelt. Personal condolence letters should usually be handwritten.

(Ideally, personal Letters of Condolence should be handwritten)

175A Fairmont Ave.
Toronto, ON
M5W 1F2

August 18, 20xx

Dear Leonard:

I would like to express my sincere condolences on the recent passing of your father. Pamela and the children also send their thoughts and prayers to you and your family at this difficult time.

Although I didn't know your dad that well, on the half dozen or so occasions that I spent time in his company over the years, I did come to realize his great kindness and compassion towards those less fortunate than him. And I do know that he was very highly respected throughout this community and profession, and his good works changed the lives of many.

You were truly fortunate to have such a man as a model in your life.

As you know, it was not that long ago that my own father passed away, so I have some idea of what you and your family are going through. I realize that no words of comfort are quite enough to replace the loss.

Please pass my deepest sympathies on to your mother, and brother, and sister, and to all of your father's grandchildren.

Yours in sympathy,

Gord Henderson

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