Complaint Letter Samples

Letter of Complaint - Definition

A letter of complaint, or complaint letter, is normally written to deal with a problem situation when other attempts (i.e. phone contacts, e-mails, etc.) have failed to rectify the situation.

The complaint letter formalizes a problem situation by putting it into writing and is usually the last resort to try to get a situation resolved.

Properly written complaint letters can be very powerful and almost always get results, making them worth writing. To read an article on the subject of writing effective complaint letters, click here.

Note: Although complaint letters can be written for business situations (and often are) the typical complaint letter involves a personal situation; i.e. when a letter of complaint is written by an individual to a business or another person.

Sample Complaint Letters

The following letter of complaint templates are real-life examples of the types of complaint letters typically written by individuals when dealing with personal complaint situations.

Complaint Letter - customer to company re: poor service.

Letter of Complaint - complaint to a neighbour re: water damage.

Real-Life Complaint Letter Templates

The thing that makes the above two complaint letter examples different from what you will typically find online is that they are "real-life templates". In other words, they are complete, fully-formatted letters, written by professionals for actual real-life personal situations.

These are NOT your typical fill-in-the-blanks templates. They are complete letters that one can quickly learn from and adapt to fit one's own situation.

When you need to write a letter of complaint, or complaint letter, it is always helpful to have some real-life samples that show you exactly how a professional writes a letter for a similar real-world situation.

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