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Commendation letters, or letters of commendation, can be written for a wide variety of situations, both personal and business. Whatever the situation, a commendation letter is usually an unexpected and unsolicited attestation that someone has done something extra special for which they should be recognized. The teacher commendation letter below is a typical example.

(Commendation from a private citizen normally printed on standard stationery)

45 Muskoka Drive W.
Barrie, ON
L3V 7T5

June 25, 20xx

Mr. Malcolm Bradley
Superior District High School
45 Dufferin Drive
Barrie, ON
L2S 3T2

Dear Mr. Bradley:

The purpose of this is to tell you how pleased we are with the positive influence that Ms. Susan Morton has had on our daughter Samantha this past school year.

Up until this year, Samantha had problems every year with her English language studies. This year we have noticed a dramatic turnaround, and it is clear to us that it is directly attributable to Ms. Morton's teaching methods. Samantha's average in English Language Studies is now in the mid 80s when in previous years, she has never received an average over 65% in those subjects.

It also shows in Samantha's general attitude towards all of her subjects, and school in general. For the first time that we can remember, she looks forward to going to school and to English Literature and Drama classes in particular. Her overall average for all subjects has increased this year by over 10 points, to above 80%.

Veronica and I feel that the changes in Samantha's attitude and marks have been so dramatic that we wanted to formally recognize Ms. Morton for her outstanding efforts on our daughter's behalf. We have sent this letter directly to you in your role as as Principal, on the understanding that you will provide Ms. Morton with a copy.

Please pass on our heartfelt thanks to Ms. Morton for everything she has done for our daughter.

Yours sincerely,

Patrick and Veronica Miller

cc: Mr. Jackon Davies,
       Chairperson, Superior District School Board

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