College Admission Review Process

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Typically, the admission application review process involves three levels of review: admission assistants, associate directors of admission, and the director of admissions.

Your application and essay will be reviewed first by the admission assistants. These people are normally recent graduates, perhaps four or five years older than you. If your overall application conforms with stated entrance requirements and they like your essay, they will recommend it for further review at the next higher level.

The next level is the associate or assistant admissions officer(s). These are normally career employees at the college or university who have spent many years reviewing admission submissions. If the associate admissions person likes your essay, they will pass it up the ladder to the Director of Admissions who will make the final decision.

Together, these three levels are usually referred to as the "Admissions Committee."

Each institution has its own version of this process, but the approach and methods used are essentially the same; a multi-level review, ending with the Director of Admissions who has the final say on all admission applications.

Most colleges and universities receive thousands of applications beyond the number of students that they can admit in any given year. This relatively small admissions review group must review each and every application and read every single essay, for applicants that meet the minimum admission requirements.

Needless to say, during peak periods these people are overloaded with work and often have to read dozens of essays in one day.

This is why it is so important that you write an admission essay that stands out from the crowd.

Your essay must grab the reviewer's attention in the opening paragraph. It must interest them at once and then draw them in so that they will place your file in the basket designated "for further review" that will go up to the next level.

If your essay makes it to the Director of Admissions level, there is a very good chance that your application for admission will be accepted.

What They're Looking For

It's not just about the marks.

The people on the Admissions Committee are looking for much more than evidence of your academic achievements. Enough of that type of information is already included in the other sections of your application.

Colleges and universities are not just looking for academic geniuses these days. As society and the world change, these institutions are looking for people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and interests. They want well-rounded people who they believe can make unique contributions to university life, and eventually to society.

Your admission essay allows you to showcase another dimension of yourself that may not come across clearly in the rest of your application.

It's about YOU, the human being.

The essay can highlight your personal strengths and unique personal characteristics and show you as a well-rounded individual, rather than just an academic achiever.

Don't underestimate the importance of the essay. All other things being equal, it is the essay that will determine whether you get accepted or not.

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