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Dear Business Colleague:

Re: Sample Business Proposals To Work With

As a professional writer and consultant with an M.B.A., I have written numerous business proposals for various clients over the years. (about)

I am writing this letter because I know that quite a few business people and/or professionals like you are looking for help with writing that all-critical "business proposal". What I'm talking about here is the comprehensive business proposal designed to convince the requesting company or government agency that they should hire you and/or your company to do the project for them.

In case you don't know, I am quite well-known on the Internet for developing business writing toolkits that provide fully-formatted real-life templates that people can download straight onto their computer and work with immediately. These letter-writing toolkits have become quite popular because they give people immediate access to quality letters that they can use instantly.

Because that formula works so well, I have decided to also apply this very same "real-life template" model to business proposals. I have therefore decided to release a limited number of copies of some of the more exemplary business proposals that I have developed for various clients over the past few years.

These are real-life fully-formatted business proposals, written for actual real-life clients. The only difference between what I am releasing to you and the real thing, is that I have "de-identified" the proposals by changing key identifying information such as: names, numbers, and brand/model specifications to protect the confidentiality of the original client.

Otherwise, with these business proposals you get the real deal. That's right, you get an entire real-life business proposal just as it was developed and submitted to companies or governmant agencies seeking qualified firms to undertake their project for them. I know I'd rather see exactly how an experienced professional wrote it rather than having to fill-in-the-blanks from scratch using one of those generic templates. Wouldn't you?

So, if you're tired of trying to do the guesswork of hassling with generic fill-in-the-blank templates and you want to work from the real thing, these real-life business proposals will no doubt be valuable to you.

I'm releasing these reports one-at-a-time as I get the time to de-identify them. To take a look at what is available so far, just scroll down below this letter for a brief summary and an access link.

Good luck developing your business proposal!


Shaun Fawcett, M.B.A.

Real-Life Business Proposal For Download

Business Proposal No. 1:

This business proposal was developed in response to a "request for proposals" call issued by a foreign government. That government was seeking a private company to reactivate, operate, and maintain their civil aviation training centre under a build-operate-takeover scenario (BOT). Under such a scenario, ownership and operation of the centre would eventually be transferred back to the government. This particular proposal was successful in securing the first phase of that project from the government involved.

Click on the following link to see the sample Table of Contents (TOC) for the above Business Proposal, and to find out where to download the entire document.

Business Proposal No. 1 - TOC

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