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As explained in detail elsewhere on this website, business introduction letters, or letters of introduction, can be grouped into three overall categories: 1.) personal introduction letters, 2.) other person/entity introduction letters, and 3.) sales and marketing introduction letters.

Also, it is important that you don't confuse introduction letters, as some people do, with other types of letters such as: reference letters, cover letters, or application letters.

Following are links to twenty (20) real-life business introduction letters:

1. Personal Introduction Letter Samples

Self Introduction

Introduce Your Small Business

Introducion To New Customer

Introduction To New Employee

Re-Introduction To Former Customer

2. Other Person/Entity Introduction Letter Samples

Introduce New Manager

Introduce Business Associate

Introduce Previous Customer

Introduce Former Employee

Introduce Colleague

3. Sales and Marketing Introduction Letter Samples

Introduce New Product - Buyers

Introduce New Product - Targeted

Introduce New Product - Sponsorship

Introduce New Product Line - Trade Show

Introduce New Product - Customer Mailer

Introduce New Service - Targeted Letter

Introduce New Service - Announce To Customers

Introduce Event Opportunity - Potential Exhibitors

Introduce New Program - Customer List

Introduce New Location - Existing Customers

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