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I sure do wish I had known about business book summary services when I was doing my MBA.

Back a few years ago I spent two years in an MBA program. Although I don't regret it at all, in retrospect I will say that it was truly one of the most challenging periods in my life.

It was in one of those "executive" MBA programs and the dynamics were different from taking an MBA program straight after an undergraduate degree. More stressful I would say.

It was one of those programs where you did your MBA studies at night and on weekends while continuing to work in your full-time job. Classes were on weekends and there were typically 15 to 25 hours of assignments and casework outside of class and each week. Also, since by definition all of the other students had been out in the real working world for an average of 15 years or more, it was highly competitive as well. Most of them were type A, high achiever types. Talk about constant pressure for two years!

In any case, I recall that one of the most time-consuming tasks was to try to get through all of the assigned reading every week. And, not all of the reading was from academic textbooks. Because it was a real-world business course, many of the books that we were required to read were current public domain business books. So, during that period I spent almost every lunch hour with a sandwich in one hand and a book in the other, just trying to keep up with the reading.

By the second year, out of necessity, I had started developing my own personalized business book summaries. I would condense important books down into 15 to 20 page point-form summaries in my word processor. Once a couple of members in my case group saw these they wanted their own copies, and within days just about everyone in our two classes were using my business book summaries. The common refrain soon became, "…has he done a summary of the book [whatever title] yet?".

If only I had known then what I know now about business book summary services! I would have subscribed to one of these in a nanosecond. It would have been worth every penny in terms of time saved and reduced stress.

It is possible that business book summary services didn't exist to the extent or level of sophistication that they now do online. In fact, since those were the early days of the Internet I'll assume that they didn't exist then. However, since then things have changed.

There are a number of book summary services available online. A few that used to exist have closed down in the past few years. However, in this particular niche, I only feel comfortable recommending one book summary service because it is so far superior to any other that I know of...

Executive Business Book Summaries
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So, if you are an executive, manager, or entrepreneur who is too busy to read a lot of books but you need to be up-to-date with the latest thinking, you need getAbstract...

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