Book Writing Format

My online research indicates that there are a lot of people searching for information on the subject "book writing format".

At least that's the search phrase they are using when they do their online searches. However, it is not clear to me exactly what these folks are looking for? In fact, I'm not even sure if they know exactly what they are searching for.

For example, are they looking for some kind of a book layout template? Or, do they want to know what dimensions to make their book? Or, are they looking for some kind of formula for writing a book?

So, if you are in that same quandary, what I will do below is to briefly address all three of these possibilities.

Book Writing Formats - Size and/or Dimensions

There are many possible sizes that are used for various types of books. The best way to explain this is to show you the actual sizes and dimensions that my print on demand printer/distributor currently offers.

Paperback Book Sizes:

Book Writing Format - Paperback

Hard Cover Book Sizes:

Book Writing Format - Hard Cover

Color Book Sizes:

Book Writing Format - Color Book

As you can see from the above, there are many different sizes available for formatting a book. Of course, the above are the types and dimensions available through the book printer/distributor that I use. I'm sure that other such companies will have their own lists of available book format sizes. Nevertheless, the one that I use is perhaps the largest print-on-demand (POD) printer/distributor in operation, so its book types and sizes are a worthy example of what is possible.

Book Writing Formats - Writing and Publishing A Book Rather than dimensions and sizes, some people searching for "book writing format" are likely looking for general info on how to write, publish market and distribute a book or ebook. These people want to know how to create their book and get it "out there". If you are one of those folks, you will want to check out my ebook/book on this very subject:

Instant Book Writing Kit - How To Write, Publish and Market Your Own Money-Making Book (or eBook) Online
This book reveals little known secrets on how to make money online with a book or an eBook using the Online Publishing Model. It shows you how to write, publish and market your own book/ebook using three online distribution channels rather than via the old money-losing book publishing model. The kit's unique 17 Action Steps For Online Publishing Success provide a step-by-step walkthrough explaining exactly how any aspiring author/publisher can implement this breakthrough model and make significantly more money than with the traditional book publishing method. Anyone wanting to make some decent money from their book/ebook will definitely want access to this model.

Book Writing Formats - Creating and Formatting A Book

You might also be looking for specific information on exactly how to create and format a book or ebook. In that case, you might want to check out my book that deals with the product creation and presentation aspects of writing a book, in detail:

How To Write A "How-To" Book (or ebook) - Make Money Writing About Your Favorite Hobby, Interest or Activity
This book sets the modern standard for creating "how-to" books, ebooks and info-products. It holds that anyone with a hobby, interest or activity they are passionate about can easily create their own how-to book/ebook - no matter what the subject. Its step-by-step approach covers every aspect of producing a unique how-to book. It stresses the importance these days of including resource/reference tie-ins with the Internet. Includes a chapter on how to extend and add value to your how-to book/ebook using readily-available, easy-to-use audio and video technology to create online tutorials and info-updates. This one will help you find "your inner how-to book".

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