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Book Summaries
Business Book Summaries: Instant access to professionally written summaries - here.

While looking into the information needs of the thousands of visitors that arrive at my writing help websites every day I noticed that many folks were looking for information about something called a “book summary”.

At first I wasn’t sure “exactly” what these people were looking for, so I did some additional research and found that this book summary thing wasn’t as simple (yet again) as it first might have seemed.

It turns out that there are two very different groups of people looking for something that they each refer to as a “book summary”. The first of those two groups is made up of students, usually at the more junior levels; and the second group is comprised largely of business people, from all sectors – both groups searching for something they call a “book summary”.

Although some students may refer to what they are seeking as a “book summary”, what they are usually looking for is information and templates on how to write a “book report”, in the traditional sense. A book report is essentially a short but structured summary of a book that is to be handed in to a teacher or lecturer as proof that the student has read and understood the book.

To help students write a “book report” I have posted a template, with instructions, on this website at:

On the other hand, when most business people search for a “book summary” they are not normally looking for info on how to write a book summary; rather, they are searching for an already written summary of an existing book. These types of book summaries are usually structured summaries, or abstracts, of recently published business books.

Business people use such summaries to save time by avoiding having to read the entire book in detail, while still getting a precise summary of the essential important points covered in the book. Such “business book summaries” are also used by college and university students at both the undergrad and graduate levels to help them fast-track their studies.

For these people, I have researched, compiled and posted a list of what I consider to be the top book summary resources that are available online, at the following page:

Book Summaries
Business Book Summaries: Instant access to professionally written summaries - here.

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