You Too Can Write A "How-To" Book

Are you aware that "how-to" books are among the "easiest" books to write? Yes, that's right, they really are! After all, how hard can it be to write about something you already know really well, something that you are passionate about? Heck, you may not even need to do any research! What other kind of author has that luxury?

As I say in my ebook on the subject, I am a firm believer that 99% of people who have specific knowledge of ANY subject, coupled with a passion to share that knowledge with others, are natural how-to authors.

In fact, as I state in the Introduction to my book…

"If you can organize your thoughts enough to explain something to someone, and then write that down in simple step-by-step terms, you too can be a how-to author."

That's right. How-to books can be written by anyone who is capable of writing down what they are "speaking" as they explain to someone all about something that is near and dear to their heart.

It really is that simple. And the beauty of writing how-to books is that you already have the knowledge inside of you!

Most how-to books are written by "experts" in a particular subject. The cool part about this is that each and every one of us is an expert in some, or many areas! And that includes you!

Yes, YOU ARE An Expert…
Really, you are! You possess a unique combination of knowledge and valuable life experience that no one else on this planet possesses. In fact, you are the only one truly qualified to write about your knowledge and experience from your own unique perspective.

And that last phrase - "from your own unique perspective" - is a very important one. It's important because "how-to" books are all about people sharing their individual unique take on something. And it really doesn't matter what that something is.

Think about it. What are your big interests and/or activities in life? What's your favorite hobby, or your preferred sport or leisure activity. What do you excel in at the office? What books and magazines do you seek out? What subjects are guaranteed to grab your attention in any situation, or when depicted in the media? What are you good at - at work and/or at play? On what subjects do friends, family members, and co-workers constantly seek your advice and/or expertise? Do you have valuable life experience to bring to the table?

Now that you've thought about it, I bet you're beginning to realize that you are indeed an "expert" on numerous subjects - aren't you? Seriously, whether you're an avid gardener, a fanatical sports fan, an obsessed collector of "stuff", a jazz pianist, a weekend carpenter, or a card maker; it doesn't matter what your subject. YOU ARE AN EXPERT at those things that you love and are good at doing.

VLE Does Count!
Whatever you do, make sure you don't discount your own personal "valuable life experience". In fact, VLE is the basis for almost All self-help books. After all, what are self-help books except "how-to" books about how to live life. And in these days of Oprah, Dr. Phil, Chicken Soup Books, and Reality TV, I don't have to tell you how marketable VLE is!

In fact, it was Oprah who said you can "Turn your wounds into words".

Don't Underestimate Yourself…
Remember, YOU DO NOT have to be the world's foremost authority on your particular subject(s). As long as you have a keen interest in your topic and have acquired an above average knowledge of it, you are in a position to write about it from your own unique perspective.

Believe me, there are thousands of people out there ready and waiting to hear from people just like you who offer new knowledge and fresh perspectives on your shared special area of interest.

All you need to be able to do is write down what would naturally come out of your mouth if you were explaining your favorite subject to a friend, colleague, or family member.

Bottom line? Don't sell yourself short.

A few years ago I didn't even know what a "how-to book" was. Now I've written 15 of them. Really!

I'm willing to bet that you too have more "how-to" books in you than you ever imagined.

(C) Shaun Fawcett is the author of numerous how-to books on everyday practical writing. He also writes about how to create and publish books and ebooks, including his popular "How To Write A How-To Book (or eBook) - Make Money Writing About Your Favorite Hobby, Interest or Activity":

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