Application Letter Samples

Letter of Application - Definition

A letter of application, or application letter, is a personal letter that is typically used to apply for a job.

Although in a more general sense, application letters can be used when applying for virtually anything; from a club membership to an application for entry into a school.

In the more common "job application" context, these letters are sometimes referred to as "cover letters" when they are used to transmit a resume or c.v. To see a standard cover letter, click here.

Note: Application letters are almost always written from an individual to a company or organization, which means by definition they are "personal letters" and not "business letters" as is sometimes suggested.

Sample Application Letters

The following letters of application templates are real-life examples of the types of application letters typically written in personal situations.

Application Letter - application for a job.

Letter of Application - application for a medical residency.

Real-Life Application Letter Templates

The thing that makes the above two application letter examples different from what you will typically find online is that they are "real-life templates". In other words, they are complete, fully-formatted letters, written by professionals for actual real-life personal situations.

These are NOT your typical fill-in-the-blanks templates. They are complete letters that one can quickly learn from and adapt to fit one's own situation.

When you need to write a letter of application or application letter, it is always helpful to have some real-life samples that show you exactly how a professional writes a letter for a similar real-world situation.

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