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1605 Ogden Ave, Suite 705
Chicago, IL 60610

April 20, 20xx

Samantha Rogers, M.D.
Director, Medical Recruiting
UCF Human Resources Dept.
3855 New Lake Boulevard, Suite 325
Orlando, FL 32825

Dear Dr. Rogers:

I am writing to express my interest in the Clinician-Educator position that is currently vacant at the University of Central Florida, College of Medicine. Teaching has been an integral part of my career thus far, and I believe that with my background I would be a useful addition to your medical school.

I completed my Internal Medicine Residency in 20xx, and Chief Residency in 20xx at Cook (Stroger) County Hospital. Among many things, that chief year definitely strengthened my leadership, administrative and teaching skills. Since that year, I have worked as an academic hospitalist at Cook County Hospital.

I believe that my experience, skills and abilities make me an outstanding candidate for a position at your hospital. Below are some highlights of what I believe I can bring to your program:
  • My clinical skills, passion and enthusiasm have won me multiple prestigious teaching awards from both medical students and medical residents.
  • My dedication, hard work and communications skills have allowed me to reach leadership positions.
  • I was selected as director of recruitment for the medicine residency program at Cook County Hospital; one of the largest programs in the country, with over 140 medical residents and close to 5,000 residency applications yearly.
  • I have acquired a vast knowledge of the training programs offered by many medical schools around the world, including grading systems, decoding their letters of recommendation, as well as dean’s letters.
  • Serving as an Associate Chief in the Internal Medicine Residency program has given me the opportunity to develop teaching curricula, mentor residents, and help them become better physicians.
As a life-long learner with an insatiable desire to learn and improve, I chose to accept the challenge of becoming a trainee once again and joined the nephrology fellowship program at the University of Florida at Gainesville, which I will complete in June 20xx. I believe that the internist in me has made me a much better nephrologist and vice versa.

One of my favorite courses that I have ever taught is the pathophysiology course for the second year medical students at Benson Medical College. Rather than simply lecturing, I always worked hard to cultivate an interactive environment in which students and residents could express themselves freely. Through that experience, I believe I now have the skills necessary to get the learner interested and motivated to learn.

In summary, I believe I have found my true academic identity. I am a clinician-educator who loves to take care of patients but at the same time, I have discovered that I have a mission and the ability to teach and mentor younger students and trainees to become better future physicians. I believe that having the chance to join your faculty and help in building a premier medical school is an exciting and challenging once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I am applying to the University of Central Florida, College of Medicine in particular because I believe that your reputation for the practical training of physicians is among the best in the country. I am aware of your multi-media approach to physician training and I believe that my experience in that area would make me an excellent fit for your program.

I would enjoy discussing this position with you in the weeks to come. In the meantime, I am enclosing my curriculum vitae. If you require any additional materials or information, I would be happy to supply it. Thank you very much for your kind consideration.


Ajay Gujrati, M.D.

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